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YES, You CAN Eat While On a Cleanse!

Cooking Steak in Red Wine Balsamic Vinegar ReductionThe main question I usually get around the Clean & Clear Cleanse is: “What IS the food like?”

And that makes total sense because there are so many people touting “detoxes” and “cleanses” that are virtually devoid of food, and full of other odd potions that can leave you starving and feeling lifeless.

However – NUTRITIONAL cleansing, which is based on functional medicine practices, solid science and well-balanced nourishment, is NOT about starving your body.  And while YES there are a ton of FAD cleanses out there where you simply drink liquids, I am not about fads and those types of cleanses can be dangerous and literally slow down your metabolism and burn off more muscle than fat.

My Cleanse Programs are more about learning a delicious and healthy approach to a whole foods lifestyle.   It’s about hitting the “reset” button and allowing your body the opportunity to release the “bad stuff” it doesn’t need,  that is bogging it down like toxins, excess weight, water retention, and inflammation, all while bringing on great food and practices that make you look and feel lighter, leaner and well: FABULOUS.

I show you “step-by-step”,  how to learn what foods YOUR individual body thrives on so you can trust yourself to make great choices and remove any mystery about what foods and practices nourish YOU best from the inside out.

Delicious Smoothies Collage 2

Cleanse Foods

I mean does this look like “rabbit food” to you? No. Didn’t think so.

This is how a healthy cleanse is done.  You need protein and phytonutrients to detoxify properly.

If you are going to make some healthy changes in your diet and in your life, they need to be satisfying along with giving you great results, or you won’t feel inspired to continue after the program is over.  Food should be enjoyed.  That is one of the reasons why so many women repeat the cleanse  2-3 times a year with me.

Over and over again, people tell me that one of the things that surprises them the most about my cleanse programs is how much they LOVE the food:

Are you going to have to make some changes? Yes. But the benefits far outweigh the sacrifice you might think you are making.

  • You’ll be ditching processed foods, gluten, dairy, alcohol, soy, and sugar that can rob you of your precious energy and make you hold on to that excess weight (especially around the middle).
  • You’ll enjoy 1-2 meal replacement smoothies to help stabilize your blood sugar and other hormones
  • The smoothies will replace approximately 14-28 meals throughout 14 days. You get to choose how many you do.
  • There is no weighing, measuring, food points, or any of that jazz.  I show you how to tap into your bio-individual body so you can create perfectly, delicious meals that completely satisfy your senses.

Learning how to shop for and prepare healthy food is going to be a big part of the healthy habits you are going to learn from the Clean & Lean Cleanse.  I make that part easy by providing you with some great downloadable tools:

The fabulous “Clean & Lean Playbook” is beautifully packed with everything you’ll need to know to rock this cleanse.  It has Pre-cleanse Preparation & Planning, detailed and easy-to-follow food lists & guidelines, shopping lists, and just enough info, in bite-sized pieces…pun intended

Next up is “The Clean & Lean  Simple Vibrant Food Cookbook”, with my very best easy and delicious recipes. This cookbook includes recipes that will transform your idea of eating nourishing whole foods.

Oh, and, “The Clean & Clear Discovery Journal“.  Use this daily journal to track your food intake and make great use of the motivating ideas to help you have a truly positive, inspired mindset while you grow and learn with this program. Learning a healthy way of eating is never, simply about the food. There are always things that contribute to how we care for ourselves and we need to unravel the story and learn more about how we relate to food, our body image, and self-care to have lasting results.

Last but not least: I’ve guided hundreds of women on this program and I know what things will come up.  I provide daily audio chats that you can download and listen to whenever it’s convenient so that you can be coached every step of the way when you need it most.

Are you ready to enjoy some deeply nourishing food while getting Clean & Lean?

Are you ready to end the confusion about what you should eat for you?

If yes, then please tell me more about yourself here: Let’s get this party started! 

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  1. Love your photos soooo much! They are colorful, and the food looks so tasty and healthy. I believe that your “clean and clear” programme works really good, I hope you will help for thousands of womens with that. I wish I could do this but for now I’ll check out your recipes.

  2. You’re so right! Cleansing is very healthy and I’m very happy that there are some people who are talking about this, thanks :))