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Sugar Detox – Stressed, Depressed & Sugar Obsessed?

Well…………’s it going?

I have to share: I’m pumped up!  I gotta tell ya, that after last weeks email to you lovelies, I got some very excited responses and we now have a really fun group of women & even one brave man, ready to get Clean & Clear with my upcoming Fall Kick-off program that starts September 21st. I heard from so many of you last week, and  I’d love to hear even more, from YOU too.

If you want to cut to the chase on THAT and Git er Done: Click here to check it out the Deets on The Clean & Clear FALL Cleanse.

But I also got a great question from one of my clients; she said: I’m really having some success getting my thought’s dialed in every morning, like we’ve talked about. Can you tell me what kind of thinking you had when you decided to change things up and renew your  healthier habits? Well, Darlin’ I thought you’d neVAH ask!  Most of you that know me know thatI seriously believe this:

And NOT just because I’m a super freaky (well, OK I am a little bit of a freak like all ten) self help junkie..’cause I’m not, an actual ANYTHING junkie, but because this idea, mixed with some spiritual mojo, has completely changed my life.  When you become aware of your thoughts and how they drive………EVERYTHING…you can open up space in your life to become who you truly desire to be.  I’d say: Tweet This!…but I won’t ’cause I really hate it when people do that Sh&t. 

So, that question got me thinking… when I hit a wall, with my health, and my old habits creep back in, how do I personally stay in touch/connected with with my body, mind and spirit? I’ll share a little convo I recently had with my beloved team:

Mind: Wazzup lady? You are draggin’ lately. You OLD now?
Body: Wazzup? Well NOT YOU, that’s wazzup.  This sleepin’ in thing is a drag. 
Spirit: Ouch (whisper)
Mind: Yaaaa, well what do you suggest, Ms Bossy Beaucoup?
Body: How about skippin’ the wine with dinner and going to 7 AM yoga tomorrow? Spirit:I’ll go with ya….(whisper)
Mind: Well, OK.  But it’s been a while, I’m gonna SUCK at it.
Body: It’s OK to suck at it.  Just be kind to me and ditch that big ego of yours and I won’t let you down.
Spirit: I will NEVER let you down..(not so whispery)
Body to Mind:  Well we all know, it’s totally up to YOU.
Spirit to Spirit:  I KNOW, and SHE knows better than that, but I am not up for THAT argument this morning…
Mind: I will go.  I will do my best.  OOHHHM.
Body: Can’t wait! OHHHMMM.
Spirit: OHM

It’s all about noticing what helps us hum at our highest level, by and tuning in and listening. It’s also about being willing take the first step, and learning it’s OK,  not be so great at something when we are starting out. I know you know that..but do you knowthat?

Here’s what I know for sure: Forcing doesn’t work. The human experience doesn’t respond positively to punishing thinking.  I’ve found that being kind and nurturing to ourselves, DOES work.  Our bodies are supremely intelligent.  They will get the point across.  If we listen and respond lovingly we thrive.  If we force and punish ourselves, we may get temporary results, but it’s generally short lived and our bodies will  respond.  This will usually look like overeating, overdrinking, or something equally disheartening.

If you are STILL thinking that it’s never gonna happen that you can get a handle on some of the things in your life that drag you down like:

sugar/wine cravings
mood swings
energy slumps
tummy bloating
brain fog
constipation or the opposite (oh sh&t!)
And negative self talk; chattering away in the back of your mind telling you that you can’t or won’t or should have….
we are gonna DEAL with all that crapola!

Here’s How:  I invite you to join me and a group of FABULOUS WOMEN (and onebrave far…) OK…I must say this: I am so excited about the group of peeps who have signed up..I know many of them and s’riously I couldn’t have hand picked a better group:  We are going to have FUN.  Do you want to have some FUNwhile doing something to radically heal and help your body become your best pal? How would you like:

  • An entirely new way of looking and engaging with your food
  • creating a new relationship with your body & habits
  • Freedom from body-berating and self deprecating talk
  • To learn to TRUST yourself around what NOURISHES YOU best
  • Actually energized and happy to move your beautiful, lady body
  • A plethora of fabulous & simple recipes that will make you say, “Damn, I love cookin’ and this food is good lookin’!”
  • A new compassion and gentleness towards yourself
  • Joining me an online private forum with very cool & like-minded women who can support and encourage each other
  • A deeper understanding of your body, how she works and honestly knowing what she wants
  • The deep knowledge that you are a unique, beautiful woman who can learn to love every bite of her food and her fabulous life! (And if you don’t yet think you have a fabulous life, don’t worry, we’ll work on that too!)

If this sounds good to you, you will know if the Clean & Clear Cleanse might be a good fit for you NOW. All I ask is that you give yourself permission to say “Si Senorita” to doing something that will give your body and spirit a huge lift. IF your true desire is to feel light, grounded, energized, strong, fully present in your body and to be eating delicious whole foods and deeply nourishing your body with amazing supplements that heal, and If this feels like something you might be craving: CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE about our Fall Kick-off GROUP Cleanse!

Don’t forget:  I’m offering a big discount, and I’ve NEVER offered a discount on this program before!

But don’t just take it from me: Want to hear what previous cleansers have to say?Click here to hear what others are saying about the Clean & Clear Cleanse.

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OH YEAH…many of you thought this smoothie from last weeks post, looked DELISH

so if you want the recipe hop on over to my blog: CLICK HERE AND I’ll be offering agreat freebie in the next couple of weeks to all of you.  It’s my brand spankin’ newE- book called Smooth-A-Luscious FULL of my favorite hormone balancing, anti-inflammatory, fabulous tasting smoothies…stay tuned it’s almost out of the hopper!

Other than that, please know, I am here for you. Feel free to email me with any questions, or just to share what is up with YOU.  I love hearing what you are doing and how things are going for you. Bring it on! @

Enjoy this beautiful fall season.

Much Love, Ciao for now,
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  1. I’ve always felt lucky that I never had negative thoughts about my body. Yes, I’m “naturally thin,” but it was more that I had my mother’s body and my nanna’s body, and they were beautiful, so I must be beautiful too… of course I can find flaws, I just choose not to. Thanks mom and nanna!

    1. @Mayolover (great name!). I’m sure you are quite beautiful and it’s inspiring to hear from someone with such a great perspective! Thank you for spreading the love, sister!

  2. You are such a wonderful inspiration. I’m glad that I found you. All of the articles that I’ve found on your site have lifted me up and made me feel so much better about me, and my body and never made me feel like I was ‘wrong’ for being who I was. Thank you for helping me accept me for who I am and learning to change me for the better.