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Sugar Addiction: Hey, Sweetie, want some crack?

Hey Sugar Pie,

When I was younger, couple of years ago, I had this cute little habit of going to the grocery store and swooping up a glorious array of different candies from the candy bins.  I’d just get 3 or 4 of this or that with a couple of dark chocolate malt balls as a chaser and call it a day.  I did this maybe once a week or so, no harm done.  Well, THOSE DAYS ARE OVER sistahs and bruthas! For some reason once I get my mitts on a little pure candy I go into some sort of crack head mode that takes some wild horses and super strong self dialog to STOP me from falling prey to my drug of choice. That’s why I call sugar- crack. Believe me, I know what sugar does to the bod pod.  Holy Mother of Sweetness, I went to school and learned all about how sugar affects our insulin levels, our mitochondria…and all that jazz, but I’m also a huge advocate for all things in moderation.  So I experiment with things to see what they feel like in my bod pod.  Well, apparently sugar is not one I can handle or enjoy on a regular basis.

One shot here and there on occasion, is fine, but generally I find the habit forming trait I quickly develop,..surprising and well…annoying.  Once I get hooked, I find that everyday at around 4 p.m. my body tells me it’s time for my “treat. My office is right near a little convenience store and suddenly out of seemingly nowhere I’d get the urge to sidle over there and buy a couple of boxes of LEMON HEADS..not a good look on a health coach..” I know I should say dark organic chocolate here, but honestly, that is not the case.  When I hit bottom, I go straight to the source – the crack.

However; what I’ve found is that it simply takes me a couple of days of clean eating to get the “crack head mentality” out of my system.  And then it quickly becomes a non issue.  For some of my clients this is a much more challenging issue which I help them overcome.  You see, once you realize how good you can feel when you are not enslaved to ANY kind of eating that doesn’t serve you, the motivation and inspiration is just simply there.  However, the recent science that backs up what many of us already know from personal experience, is both conclusive and compelling that sugar is not so sweet.  Check out the latest on sugar and decide for yourself.  Watch it with your family:

Well that is all for now, but don’t forget that you are sweet enough with out the sugar!  And nobody really likes someone who is so sweet that they are down right syrupy unless they are a kindergarten teacher…and even that can be a little E-nnoying..

A Big OHM to You,

Ciao for now,

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  1. I’ve been trying to tell people that sugar (and other processed white carbs) are the devil for so long now… here in the US (I’m a fairly recent immigrant) it seems no-fat is the thing, when that’s just not a healthy way to eat and there are so many great fats! That said, I haven’t quite given up my Coca-Cola vice…

  2. What kind of sweets are you talking about? I used to down a gallon of Kool-Aid every day (yes I’m a grown up) and love every minute of it. But a friend of mine turned me on to the Store brand kind they sell at Wal-Mart and … it’s sugar free but my taste buds can’t tell the difference. So I still feel that I’m getting the sweet drinks that I crave, and I’m happy. So the kid in me is happy and I get to be a grown-up by not having all the sugar. But are they the right sweets?

  3. Oh my, you are SO spot on here! I don’t have a sweet tooth, but if I open a bag of chips and don’t eat any, I have no problem not eating any (did you catch that?). If I take one–just one!–the bag is ALL STINKIN’ MINE! So, I totally get you.

    Sugar has always treated me very poorly, so I’ve never really gone after it. Gut aches, headaches, the dizzies (like I need any more diz in my ditz)…it just ain’t pretty. Plus my dad’s a diabetic, so…totally not going there.

    But those chips. Don’t get between this mama bear and her chips! Grrrrrrr.

    Great post–sharing!