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Lisa’s Favorite Garlicky Sauce + Cool California 70’s Dad Pics


Lisa's Garllicky Sauce

My Dad was the original maestro of this sauce in my life, although I know it’s a version of some similar types out in the sauce-es-phere.

I haven’t written a post about my Dad yet, but he seriously is the most intuitive and exquisite cook I’ve come across.  Plus the dude is smart, funny as hell, and very kind underneath the quick wit and sharp tongue.

The Nicker before he quit the cigs (circa 70’s) Carmel Valley, California

‘Course I didn’t always quite ‘get’ that 😉

The Nicker still critiques each dinner extravaganza, (sorry, I hate the word meal) with comments about what could have been prepared better.  So since he’s turning 80, well, that gives him some damn good grandfathered in foodie seniority to contend with, as in- The oregano was a little heavy: Could have pulled it off the grill a minute sooner: Damn, that was perfect lamb….

Anyhow, I’ve been making this lemony garlic aioli wannabe sauce for yeeeeaaarrrss.

It came in handy when my kids were young as I could get them to eat almost any kind of fish or veggie with a dollop of the stuff.  Both my son’s adore farm to table, whole foods and creative dining in general, so when they go out and order fish and I ask them : How was it? often they will reply:

It needed the sauce..

My younger son, William, is enmeshed in the hip food scene in Seattle and tends to be more discriminating about EVERYTHING because he, and my original foraging (before it was cool) Little Bro, Alex  procure and supply fish and mushrooms to some of the top restaurants in Seattle (um, Canlis,  Rock Creek , The Art of the Table etc, etc.) –  Check them out, HERE: (they just went out from underground with a site!)

Anyway:  In our family it is simply deemed, The Sauce.

When I wrote my first recipe book, Simply Clean Cooking, I was told, more than a few times, that the sauce was a new keeper recipe.

I use it sparingly on fresh wild salmon or crab, but with steamed artichokes or asparagus in the Spring-lay it on!

Also it’s great to have around for making a tuna or salmon salad for a quick lunch.  I just pop open a can of wild salmon (or use leftover salmon) and dollop some sauce along with what-evah I have floating around like cucumbers a few radishes, celery, bok choy, you know, crunchy veggie things…

SO, if you are not a garlic lover (oy vey, where’s your chutzpah?), you can go minor on the garlic.  You need to pinch and play to get it how you like it and don’t put too much lemon in it.  Fresh dill is fabulous, but I use dried dill (don’t tell anyone) on a lazy-unplanned day.  You really must try soy free Veganaise.  Regular mayo has so much crappola in it.  It took me years to find a replacement for my old favorite (Best F00ds Mayo), but trust me, you will be hooked on this stuff. (yes, I know the Pure Paleo peeps make homemade mayo, but I’m loving this more at the moment.  Don’t quote me on that as I did just make homemade coconut milk yogurt; yes, I’ll post soon!…..it is divine. But I digress.


Lisa's Garllicky Sauce

Pinch and play with the amounts of garlic and lemon to see what you like. 

Stuff you’ll need:

1 cup Soy Free Veganaise
1/2 – 1 lemon juiced
2-5 cloves garlic smashed and minced
3 teaspoons dried dill weed or fresh

OPTIONAL dash of Asian red chili sauce

How to make it:

Blend all ingredients until completely smooth. Chill.


Lisa’s Favorite Garlicky Sauce
Author: Lisa Spencer
  • 1 cup Soy Free Veganaise
  • 1/2 – 1 lemon juiced
  • 2-5 cloves garlic mashed
  • 3 teaspoons dried dill weed
  • OPTIONAL dash of Asian red chili sauce
  1. Blend all ingredients until completely smooth. Chill.
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  1. I think I’m about to die over here. I’m a garlic-aholic! If it were up to me I’d marry a man who’s favorite perfume was garlic (because it would be seeping from my pores. Hold on, wouldn’t that be an Italian man!? But I digress!) This would be perfect for dipping all of my favorite veggies in the summer since I’m allergic to all kinds of fish. Oh this looks so wonderful, and fresh dill! Oy vey!

    1. OMG! @sunny, Are you my long lost soul sister? YOU crack me up! Apparently you have no lack of chutzpah what-so-ever! Come over and visit me in Italy sometime. We go twice a year. We can find you a garlic dude there! Thanks for making my day with your hilarious comment! Xo.

  2. I’m definitely keeping this sauce recipe (I’m not a huge fan of garlic….sorry), but my husband absolutely loves it! And this will be a nice surprise for dinner one night. 🙂