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How Healthy Are YOU? This Inexpensive Test Could Save Your Life…

Well, HELLO there! Aren't you quite colorful today? Who Knew?
Well, HELLO. Aren’t you quite colorful today?

Recently I went to the vision checker place to get an updated pair of glasses.  

Fascinating, I know….

I have this fabulous eye guy ( Dr. Mark Aginsky O.D.) at this clinic called Vision Plus. Usually getting a vision check is so snoring that I find it hard to stay awake the whole time. But Dr. Mark is quite personable and he makes the appointment, well…..FUN.

Did I actually just say that?  

At the visit, they told me I had a choice between the normal dilation drops or using this new machine that takes a digital picture of my retina that gives a more comprehensive picture not only of eye health but even more about my general health; for only 30 bucks.


S’riously Folks; hours of dizzily cruising around,  with my eyes all dilated is the kind of scene I prefer to avoid. 

You’re with me on this, no?

Here are the results Dr. Mark showed me:


Healthy Eyes + Happy Lashes
Healthy Eyes, Niiiicee: My evil Health Plan is paying off. 

He said that my eyes looked nice and happy inside and that my overall health was looking good from what he could detect.

After that, most likely because I was clearly fascinated – um, actually, totally geeking out, with the test, he showed me another ocular photo of  an eye showing very early signs of diabetes and hypertension which = increased risk for stroke, heart disease and other not so bueno things. These things can show up on this exam even BEFORE they would show up on regular diagnostic labs during routine health check-ups.

What’s so FABULOUS about this is that at these early stages things can be often be reversed through some simple diet and lifestyle changes.

I’ve seen it happen many times with my clients which is what I ADORE about my work as a lifestyle educator and health coach.  There is nothing more exhilarating to me than hearing from a client that the positive changes they’ve experienced both inside and out have totally empowered them to take better care of themselves as a rule, not a “maybe later” kinda thing. BooYah!

But wait. There’s more:

Here is some info highlighting the Otomap test’s pioneering technology:

The unique optomap ultra-wide view enhances your eye doctor’s ability to detect even the earliest sign of disease that appears on your retina. Seeing most of the retina at once allows your eye doctor more time to review your images and educate you about your eye health. Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated the power of optomap as a diagnostic tool.

What can happen to the retina?

Your retina is the only place in the body where blood vessels can be seen directly. This means, in addition to eye conditions, signs of other diseases (for example, stroke, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes) can be seen in the retina. Early detection is essential so treatments can be administered.

  • Diabetic Retinopathy (DR)

Diabetes affects the eyes and the kidneys and is a leading cause of blindness. Retinopathy occurs when diabetes damages the tiny blood vessels inside the retina.

  • Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

The center of the retina (the macula) can become diseased as we get older. This results in alterations to our fine central vision making daily activities such as driving and reading difficult.

  • Glaucoma (Increased Eye Pressure)

Glaucoma causes damage to the optic nerve and almost always develops without symptoms.

  • Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Increased pressure can result in changes to
blood vessels in the eye, increasing the risk
of cardiovascular disease (stroke or heart disease).

Why was optomap invented?

“In 1990 my five year old son Leif Anderson went blind in one eye because a retinal detachment was detected too late for treatment. Although he was having regular eye exams, conventional tests were uncomfortable, especially for a small child. I sought to find a way to make retinal examinations easier. Leif, now a young man, has adjusted beautifully and we are thankful to, hopefully, help other families avoid vision loss.”

—Douglas Anderson, Optos founder

How PROACTIVE was that???!!! What a dude- eye guy mini crush. Don’t tell.

To learn more you can go here and find a doctor in your area who can perform this test on you.

If you go, let me know how it goes.

Got something to say?  Let’ er rip in the comment area below.  I love hearing for you!

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  1. Wow, I did not know about this test! I am aware that they test for glaucoma every time i get my eyes checked. And I wonder how often people get their eyes checked if they don’t get glasses! I hope they don’t forget.

    So far, my eyes are doing great, but this is a great test to ask for next time I go in. Thanks so much!

    By the way, I love the site and all the recipes and fun.

  2. Ooh, I know I have to get Willy down to see the eye doctor! He keeps putting it off and I keep telling him at his age, and being *somewhat* pudgy, if you know what I mean, is not good for his eyes but he still goes for those chips and beer while sitting on his buns watching sports on TV. I told him, “Why don’t you PLAY some sports once in a while?” But no.

    After reading this, I’m going to take him down to the eye doctor and make him think we’re going out for pizza. I really want to know.

    Do you know if all eye doctors do this, or do I have to look for a specific one? We live in California.

  3. Oh, goodness. I better get one of those.

    So glad you found out about this and took the time to let us know.

  4. I wonder if I had gotten one of those if they would have been able to foretell the giant spike in my blood pressure that sent me to the hospital with chest pains last month. I just had my eyes checked last month. They gave me a beta blocker to lower things until I can change my diet and get things under control, but it was pretty scary. Thanks for the heads up darlin’!

    1. OMG! I’m glad you’re okay! You sure look like you are ;)I certainly think this test could has helped. I had it too and got a clean bill of health. It was such a relief. They used it to rule out all kinds of things, like glaucomafear of loss of eyesight because of diabetes and about two or three other things that I can’t remember.

      But, yeah, going forward this looks like a great screening for everyone. and way better then the squirt in the eye.

  5. Oh my, what a comprehensive test. Something I would never thought they would have. I see that my doctor is doing the test and my eye exam is coming up in the next 6 months or so, so I’ll make sure that I have him do this test for me instead. What perfect timing.

  6. They don’t have a location near me, but I will definitely be passing this along to my friends and family that are out of the area. I think this is a wonderful new addition to the medical field. Thank you so much! <3

  7. Wow, I had no idea about this test as I’ve never had any of those worries but I’m definitely going to get this checked in the future.

  8. How could anyone not want to get a test that’s inexpensive, and could save their life? I am sorry that this poor gentleman had to go through what he did to come up with this test, but I’m glad that he had the knowledge to come up with it.

  9. My what pretty lashes you have darling! Sorry, I had to go there. I’m glad everything went well with your tests. Thanks for sharing this one with us so we can keep on the cutting edge of medical technology. And luckily we have you by our side to keep healthy so we can eat the right things to keep our blood pressure low and try to keep some of the evils away. Hugs Lisa!