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Holiday Helper Survival Guide! Get it.

Lisa’s Little Holiday Helper—my FREE guide to being the most chilled out, and sparkly YOU around!

+ All New Savory Winter RECIPES!

It’s colorful, fun and HELPFUL + I put my heart and soul into it.  Seriously, I get obsessed with giving you something you’ll LOVE.


Don’t we all know—the holidays are fabulous and fun and Fa-La-De-Da, but that they also can be stressful and hard on our lovely bod pods?

Between untangling the ornaments after a few eggnogs, being the effervescent Hostess-with-the-Mostess when you’re tired and overwhelmed as hell, finding those black Spanx pantyhose in your size at the mall, trying to keep things all warm and festive for your family, handling the holiday politics at the office, shopping frenzy-crazy-town, and generally keeping track of EVERYTHING—do you even have time to breathe?


Could the holidays really be Deliciously Healthy, FUN and AWESOME, without all the stressful, unnecessary weight gain and other drama? 

o words

Yes they can! Psssst….I have a few secrets to share with you:

  • How to plan YOUR holiday and not let it PLAN you – It’s easy to keep it simple with the strategies and tips I’ll lay out for you
  • Trade secrets from Fabulous-50+Fit women on how they keep that figure and still enjoy food and fun
  • My latest favorite recipes to let your body have the ENERGY, LIGHTNESS to feel fierce and fabulous all season long. And you can toss them together EASILY!
  • My single most powerful strategy for having your cake and champagne, without landing in the line-up at weight watchers Jan 1. Not on my watch, Darlings
  • How to have a delicious, memorable social time that doesn’t just feel good, but makes you feel good about yourself
  • Wine-thirty Strategy it’s not too hard to get a handle on the boozy-whoozy-O season with this little secret
  • Breakfast and Beauty Sleep – How to get both working in your favor so you are rocking your days and your nights
  • Learn a magic beauty elixir drink –So powerful it can enhance your skin, hair, nails and digestion, in just days
  • What to Wear?!!! Oh, sister, you can nail this one. I can’t wait to share this Zen way of dressing for parties so you always feel like Hell Yeah, I’ve GOT this! when you step out the door.
  • How to eat at parties so that everybody wins. You will love this. It’s not what you think
  • The one enjoyable secret that will make you even more irresistible in everything you do

Check it out. For free. Right now.


It’s my Free Gift to YOU. Because I want you to feel and look as fabulous as I know you can.

Cheers!! I’m SO glad you are here.

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