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Dry Brushing 101- Ditch the Cellulite!


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Want to try something fabulously effective for improving cellulite and getting glowing most elastic skin? Dry Brush your Body.

Your skin is your largest LIVING BREATHING organ and there is a lot going on with it, so why not gently help it along?

Now that you’re eating better, you ARE, riiiight?  And moving your body regularly, and most likely feeling great, let’s dry brush your lovely bod pod to get even more luscious results. If you really want to improve circulation, cellulite, fine wrinkles and get nice soft skin this is the way to go.

Dry Brushing 101- Ditch the Cellulite!

We dump tons of toxins out of our skin, daily so it’s important to keep the pathway clear. Dry brushing loosens dead cells, stimulates acupressure points, stimulates your body energy, moves your elusive lymph systems, helps reduce CELLULITE.

Dry brushing works well, because it increases circulation flow, which helps break up the fat deposits…now I have your attention. It also promotes new skin growth by removing dead skin cells. After about a week of dry brushing you should see a difference in your skin, it will feel smoother and look healthier.  Sooo, stimulate your immune system, wake up circulation and make your skin soft and velvety!

You can get a natural bristle brush at your local Food Coop or any health food store.

How to brush: Technically they say that it’s best to start with your feet and work your way up your body using both circular and long strokes – moving towards your heart or your navel (depending who you read). I have to say, I do whatever I’m inspired to do and it seems to work just fine. It’s dry brushing, not rocket science! WHAT-EVER, throw some circular motions and upward sweeps in there, add your own mojo moves and call it a day. The best to time brush is before a shower or bath in the morning, once a day. Enjoy it…be gentle. You are not waxing a car.  It’s your one and only lovely body.

When I brush on a regular basis I do see a big difference in my skin. I’ve always read about it..but it sounded soo…well…..DRY..but it really feels great and does delicious things……along with bringing us a little closer to our mind and body connection..which is not DRY at all.

If you really want to GET REAL and  take it to the next level use some lavender infused organic coconut oil after your shower or  SOAK IT OUT bath. OH YES!

So there you have it, Pretty REAL and SIMPLE stuff. Now go have some fun with yourself, and Get Glowing!

PS. Avoid your face and other girly parts.

Try it for a week and let me know how it goes in teh comments below!

Big Ayurvedic Love,


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  1. totally gonna try this, my friend does it regularly too and she looks like a majestic glowing princess, and i want in on that 😉 PS are u really 50? lol!gimme that brush!

    1. @miss k, You totally crack me up! We all want IN on the majestic glowing princess thing, for SURE! I have some fabulous new product I’m currently developing to give m’ladies a full on EDGE in the M.G.P (Majestic Glowing Princess) thang! Stay tuned!