Hello, Everyone!

We have a FANTASTIC GROUP of both women & men signed up this time for theFALL Kick- off CLEAN & CLEAR CLEANSE !

I know I’ve been saying this, but if I was planning..like a really eclectic fun party of great people…this would be the group I’d hand pick. 

HOWEVER: This is a different KIND of party.

This is an opportunity to get very Clean, Clear & Transparent about what we all really want..deep down.

So with that said:

Some of you had questions about “how we meet”.  Well, if you are local we can meet for our initial 30 min session, in my office.  If you are not local, we have a session over the phone..either option available for all of you!  Go back to your WELCOME Email to Git ‘er Done.

From my experience, the coolest way for us to connect as a group is on our very own…..CLEAN & CLEAR PRIVATE FACEBOOK PAGE!  There you can ask me questions, connect with the other “Party Gang” and really get inspired while being inspired.

And THIS time, we have some very cool dudes signed up.

And I got some emails sayin’  “W.T. Whaaat???!!!!………. we got DUDES in our GROUP, aren’t we possibly talkin’ about personal stuff….and maybe even thingslike Poo?”  

Ok..they were basically sayin’:

As a SOLUTION: Here’s what I think will be sublime:



Pretty Snazzy, Don’t cha THINK?

SO WE HAVE A: Chicks Club & Gentleman’s Club!

I will be on both Private Facebook Forums to answer questions and support everyone…not too shabby.

So please go back to your welcome email, and finish up checking in with the me with your information..Cleanse WISH LIST and all of that stuff. Get on FACEBOOK.  It’s all in the welcome email I sent earlier, but if you need it again:

I’ll be updating soon  with a Q & A  page on my website and GROUP CALL (details soon).

And if you have friends you’d like to bring along with us please do! Just Click Here and Cut and Paste this Link to email a friend or share on Facebook

My discount offer ends tomorrow, so be selective and send it to people you know, and would like to invite to our fabulous party.

I NEVER want people to come to a party they aren’t excited about. That is just how I roll!

I am so excited and honored to have you joining together with me in this lifetransforming experience.

Feel free to email me with any questions, or just to share what is up with YOU.  I love hearing what you are doing and how things are going for you. Bring it on! @Lisa@insidebydesign.com.

Let’s get this  par-tay STARTED! Much Love,

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