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8 Healthy & Unique Gift Ideas

How are you doing with the holiday SHOPPING so far?
Do you get tired of “trading” somewhat generic gift certificates?

I know I do!

Today I’m excited to share some unique ideas that show people that you care about their health.  Here are some of my fav’s this year: 

1. Fabulous Shoes

Hoka oneO.M.G. Do I LOVE these shoes.  They are like the tempurpedic mattresses of running and hiking footwear.  Only caveat? They are kind of FUGLY in my humble opinion, but it’s only skin deep.  They make you want to run.  They are Seriously comfortable.

HOKA ONE ONE is a company of runners committed to creating the best-engineered running shoes for the world’s toughest terrain and races. With maximum cushioning material, meta-rocker shaping, superior stability, and great rebounding, our shoes empower runners — from the Alps to the Sierras and all points, trails, road, and tracks in between — to get the most out of every stride, day after day. LET’S GO.


2. Year Planner

I’m making a New Year’s Leonie Dawson PlannersResolution to be more intentional, purposeful and organized this year in my life and in work.  So here’s my little secret around getting more she-sizzle accomplished this year.  Some of the most successful and Zen ladies I know SWEAR by planning their entire year very intentionally with this soulful and laser sharp planner.  There are two options: a Life Planner and a Biz planner. I just got the biz planner and I am having so much FUN with it! I’ve always been put to absolute sleep by yearly planners,  until this one. I find myself carving out time to go through and jot down my ideal year, as it’s quite inspiring really.  She has you put the last year behind you by taking a look at what things worked and what things didn’t work.  It’s very well thought out.  I honestly never thought I’d be excited about a PLANNER.  It would make a great gift for anyone who would like clarity, and intention to be the drivers of their daily “to-do” list.

3. Clean & Clear Cleanse

Clean and Lean Product Bundle v3Give the gift of feeling fabulous! Do you think you might want to have a plan in January to get your body on board with your shiny new year plans? OR maybe you’d like to gift someone you love with one of my Clean & Lean Cleanses?
The Clean & Lean Power cleanse is ON SALE now (along with other things) in my brand new shop. You can check it out here.

4. Oprah & Deepak Meditations

Grace through gratitudeThese meditations ARE Game Changing.  I am always sharing Oprah and Deepak with you because this simple practice has transformed my life and also the lives of many of my clients and friends who have tried them. My favorite one is the Gratitude to Grace Series.

5. Digestion Test Kit

UBIOMEIs there a person that comes to mind who just can’t figure out what’s up with their digestive and health issues?  Give your loved one a uBiome test kit to find out about what their gut bacteria says about their overall health.  Your gift recipient will receive a secure report on their biome that provides detailed information on the bacteria in their bodies — what their names are, how many of each kind there are and what their functions are in the body. Also, they can choose to compare how their biome compares to those of vegans, Paleo eaters, overweight people, heavy drinkers, etc. Weird gift but awesome for the right person, no?

6. Free Classes

free-yogaDo you know someone who has been TALKING about trying yoga, pilates, or Barre?  Why not give them a gift certificate for a free week?  Most studios offer a great price for the first week so they can see if they like (love) it.  My favorite local studio has a killer deal on the first week of classes.  It’s best to find studios that TEACH yoga and have beginners classes.  Those studios are the most authentic in helping people along in their individual paths.  OHM…

7. Clean Smoothie Kit

Spencer- Smoothie BundleA nutrient dense, low sugar smoothie kit is an excellent way to give someone you love a jump start to their day and a kickstart to feeling fabulous, especially if they are a BUSY person who doesn’t think they have time for breakfast.  You can pack all of these high-quality essentials in a beautiful gift bag with a few apples, and you’ve got a delicious and healthy gift. The Smoothie Bundle is on sale right now: Check it here

8. The Best Fish Gift

Vital Choice

I’m in love with giving my friends and family MOST EXCELLENT Omega rich heart health and delicious Seafood.  If you have family or friends in states that don’t have fabulous wild Alaskan fish available they will LOVE getting amazing Wild Alaskan Salmon and Alaskan Cod from really great sources.  I LOVE Vital Choice.  Your gift receivers will be over the moon with this stuff! Check it 

I hope you are having a FABULOUS season so far!

Love and Cheers,

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