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417 Ridgeway Drive Bellingham – A Love Story Restoration..

UPDATE: She is SOLD! I haven’t met the buyers (would like to), but we’ve agreed to terms and their offer showed me they love her like I do. #therightpeople #timingiseverything #bestrealtorsbellingham 

 What I’ve been up to: Ridgeway Drive + Other stuff..

Have you ever gotten back from a fairly chill vacation in like, just say Italy, and literally had to PAY for it when you arrived home? 

It can be overwhelming when that happens, especially if you’re not the most organized + shithappens. 

But I do generally have a method to my madness and that mostly works out somewhat fluidly, and I’m grateful for that.

And I’m sorry if I sound entitled, because in this world, with all that is happening, these things I’m going to share are really NOT problems and I get that, more than you might know.

Moving right along…..when I got back to the PNW, I immediately decided to sell my rental home on 417 Ridgeway Drive in Bellingham. 

Fabulous Husband and I are on a simplifying rampage and……….

Don’t ask. It’s just how I roll sometimes.

I ADORE the place, so it was with a bittersweet feeling that I decided to get her garden spruced up, so that I could show her to the world. 

I did this with my pal Paco in 2 days flat + my fabulous friend Carrie.

Here’s Paco. His eyes are smiling. He helped me in 2007 so it was pretty cool to have him here again. He’s talented, funny and kind. Yes, roots. I’m grayer.

Regardless of the help, I still became a hot mess in the process.

Actually, a driven, tornado planter of plants, imperfect perfectionist, and a whirlwind of over the top massive action, might be more the description, but hot mess,  crazed middle aged broad sounds more vague, and well, hot..what with my general temperature lately…oh, forget it!  I’ll go with that…

And so…. she just went on the market.  But only for the month of June.

And because I have tenants/whom I consider friends, living there, and they have a wedding coming up soon, so I don’t want to add any more stressedoutbullshit urgency, to anyones life including my listing agent  (one of my besties), or to my own life if I may be so direct.

Which I may be direct, because; it’s my website, right Ted? 

Anyhow, let’s get on with it!


[iframe id=”″ align=”center” grow=”yes”]

Thursday Nights were the bomb.
Room that has had some colorful parties + good times with my boys & fabulous husband back in the day….
Sweet fireplace #1 with screen my Dad made me, because; safety first + Dad
Eclectic look that makes me smile.
Wide angle lens makes the sofa ass look big..
Did I mention I like flowers?
Because I like a happy ending story. No apologies necessary.
When I bought her I named her Fugly. It hurt her feelings. But I was smitten with her, the second I walked in the door. She has this vibe…
I try to be zen #zen
I renamed her Zen Chick Pad. She liked that. We have the same birthday- 1964 + I hate TV’s, but shelf is adjustable, so you can fit a big mo’fo in there. We won’t judge ; )
New Bathroom Downstairs + a lot of storage.

modern bathroom designs
Powder room with  zebra wood custom cabinets
More zebra, glass tile and cesarstone
Master Bathroom, zebrawood, glass tile and stone counters.

 417 Ridgeway Drive, Bellingham WA – South Hill
 View of Kitchen
Sweet Cucina with Brazilian cherry and painted cabinets and honed cesarstone counters

Contact Carrie!

Oh and:

 I’ve retired from doing interior design, but wanted help to a former favorite client and friend with a beautiful home. So if your in the mood to look at cool houses check this one out!

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