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3 Weddings and a WINE-OH!

So, helloo!

Are you feeling as relieved as I am that FALL is on it’s way? I feel that slight chill in the air, and I’m high fivin’ myself right into my flannel PJ’s. Yeah, yeah, sun and sun, and flowers and parties, going to weddings OR having a wedding, more on that later, and outdoor summer sex….well, SOME people do actually do that, I think…YUP. I KNOW, I’m sounding like freakin’ Summernizer Scrooge, but I am

 Over. The Summer. Thing 

Here’s why:

Brian & I got married last week! 

Well. That is not WHY, but it leads up.

It was wonderful. B-Dubya and I love each other very much and we also happen to thoroughly like, enjoy, respect & APPRECIATE each other.

So YES, it was all jittery, fluttery, romantic, and lovely, and……

YES, he proposed to me in this doorway of this Italian Villa! S’riously Folks!

Remind me to share with you one day, very soon how and WHY my life has changed so much from a time when I never even imagined I’d be with someone who’d do something so romantic & epic for me…. No, t’was not ALWAYS like this for me. Not one bit.

And Yes, I  picked and cut, my own flowers, along with my Fabulous new sister’s in law.….’cause,  well,  you don’t get dubbed: psycho flower lady by your kids for nothing. And I was a Interior designer for 26 years, partly because I do think these details, matter. Apparently that maxim that does not include finger nails, in my case.  As you can see:

Was worth keeping a hand in things, don’t you think?

My new ‘Sisters’ put them all together.  This whole sister thing is excellent!

But, besides that, here’s what I did all summer:

Not. Much.

– in the way of taking good care of myself & practicing my beloved work as a health & weight loss coach, anyway.

I chose to kick back and do whatever I felt like, wherever possible.

Here was the thinking behind that choice:

I’m getting married. I’ve been working my arse off this year. I’m going to take some time off, and Chillax!

Ok, in a nutshell, this is what it looked like on the lazier pants side of things:

Sleeping in and skipping yoga or my normal morning hike

Too many happy hours “celebrating” with my friends

Wine in the evening, more often than not

Zoning around on the computer looking at stuff I don’t really need

Staying up too late since my recent discovery of Netflix – watching Parenthood (who knew!)

Not taking on new clients – which actually I did not enjoy, AT ALL

Running out of supplements that work well for me and not bothering to replace them

Basically sitting too much, and moving too little

Oh, and did I mention, FACEBOOK. Oh, my LORD, WHAT is UP with THAT!

Those of you with kids at home? Yeah, I’ve been there.  No options for this kind of decadence.  I geddit.  I’ll forgive you if you are flinging cheerios at this post; )

So, by now, you get the idea. And, here’s what I noticed:

  • I didn’t FEEL good
  • Small things began annoying me
  • My face and hands were feeling puffy
  • I felt both, creaky & cranky
  • I had an undercurrent of anxiety
  • My feelings were easily hurt
  • I’m sure I put on a couple of pounds-don’t weigh myself anymore, but I was getting fluffier, for sure, and I was definitely physically weaker
  • I wasn’t as content as I usually am. I usually wake up excited about my day
  • I was actually staving off; being SAD
  • I was becoming a “worrier” about things that were not my business – STOP RIGHT THERE! Remember what Byron Katie says about that.

THAT, my Friend, was the final straw: Worrying about things that are out of my control is a choice. And I have been OVER that useless mind & spirit drain..well…for quite a while, now.

Yes, for me, too much of anything that doesn’t encourage & inspire my overall health, VERY soon feels like Crappola.

And I. know. this:

Change doesn’t happen with an about face. It happens by building up habits in our minds. Slowly, by flexing regularly; we actually build new neural pathways in our brains, until we’re doing things differently. These days, it doesn’t take me much time to acknowledge unhealthy things I’m allowing back into my life and how that affects my overall MOJO. Fortunately, over the years, I’ve come up with solutions.

And, if this is something you struggle with, I can help you learn how to do this, too.

Here is what I did NOT do:

  2. I did not go on a juice fast or look for quick fixes from the latest diet book.
  3. I did not go to boot camp. Nothing wrong with boot camp. I just don’t enjoy it these days, AT all.
  4. I did not make huge proclamations about the drastic plan of what I was going to do “next week” while continuing to indulge in things I’d realized were not working for me.

I mention these things, because for many years, this was how I’d treat my poor: YOYO dieting, all or nothing exercising, profusely proclaiming, helpless SELF.

Here is what I DID do:

One morning, I simply got up to go back to 7 AM power yoga.

And it was; awkward and not graceful, but it felt so RIGHT that I cried….just a little cry, not any crazy ass sobbing stuff.

I knew it would get easier.

And. It. did.

After about 5 classes, it was fun again; very fun.

It was much easier during that time, to say “no” to the nightly calling of Fume Blanc which was becoming less & less Fun, and more like settling into a tiresome..habit. Here’s what I chose instead: Things like kayaking after dinner, sunset walks on the beach or in our neighborhood and drafting plans and ideas for things I want to do, and new ways to help my clients..

Also, I did something I’d wanted to do for a long time: I interviewed one of my favorite yoga instructors: Amy Robinson about the benefits of yoga for, uh, EVERYTHING; and how to start a practice. Do you want to be inspired to try yoga, or be re-inspired to begin again? You can download the recording of the interview and listen to it here: Part 1 and Part 2. These are long, so wait until you have some time.

So, you see how this can roll:

I did not do this with grin & bear it WILLPOWER. I did this with kindness & intentional gentleness towards myself. I eased back in. 

I believe what works best is crowding out what doesn’t work well for us, by bringing in positive things that do. You can learn more about this theory called Crowding Out, Here.


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