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A Little Holiday Story about Perfection

I’ve got a little holiday story to share with you about seeing things in new ways so you can ENJOY every minute of your holiday season.

I am just now FINISHED decorating my tree….yep.  Just now.
I’m good with it.  

And I was thinking about you and wanted to check in with you before the turkeys hit the fan, and wish you a very Merrily FABULOUS Holiday!

I hope you are planning something relaxing and wonderful in the middle of all the running around that makes you feel amazing – because you NEED to, Dawwwlings.

A couple of days ago, I had an experience that shed some light on something and gave me an aha moment. So, I simply HAD to share it with you.

O.K. the FH (Fabulous Husband) and I have had this debate about the colored vs. white lights on the tree since…well, probably even before we even met. I was dubbed years ago as: “Psycho Christmas Tree Lady” by my kids…because well…I tend to get a little carried away with the tree…or trees..yup a few years I had 6 different trees in my house.  But it was a colonial.  If you live in a colonial you know that your entire home was designed simply to create rabid jealousy in others at Christmas.  Colonials ROCK at Christmas. It might not snow at anyone’s house at Christmas in your neighborhood, but it will snow at your house if it’s colonial…but I digress…

Anyway, he’s a colored lights dude, or BUST (don’t judge), and I’m a die-hard crazy making white lights or BUST girl (don’t judge). Every year we guilt trip this out and every year we do both lights on our tree. Because we both have deeper reasons as to why we are so SET on our thing (isn’t that the case with most things that get our tinsel all tangled?), it ends up that neither of us really digs our tree.

So FH surreptitiously did the lights this year and when I came downstairs IT WAS BRILLIANTLY AWESOME!

Since he’s a problem solver and not a problem prolonger he did this:

                                                                    Best Tree EVER!

He made it so the colored lights are plugged in ONLY or the white lights are plugged in ONLY, or both.

How come I never thought of that?

Because I was stuck in my all-or-nothing thinking. Damn.

It has to be this way, compromise, or that way…but sometimes there is a way that has not been thought of yet – ALOT of times. So since the holiday is upon us, I’d invite you to think of something that may be nagging you about an upcoming event or tradition. Is there a Christmas light solution in there that you haven’t thought of yet?

Thinking of you, and wishing you an amazingly light, cheery time this year.

Oh and by the way:

Take radical care of your beautiful self.


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